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Who is Krusecrew, Inc.?

We are a God loving firefighter family of four, creators of the KrusePak, and now small business owners. Dave is a full-time Captain & Training Officer and Vice President of KRUSECREW INC. Tiffany has a background in broadcasting, business management and real estate. She is the President and Sales Representative of KRUSECREW INC.


Our two beautiful and amazing children, Austin and Stella, keep us busy, yet remind us daily to take time to "smell the flowers". Dave's passion for the fire service and desire to be innovative in increasing firefighter safety was the driving force behind this invention. We started this company with no capital, and as a family, have made several financial sacrifices to support the KrusePak's purpose of making our fellow firefighters safer on the job, and possibly even give just a little peace of mind to their families or loved ones, knowing they have proactive air management strategies in place.

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